• Unilimited Visits                                                   $300/mo.

  • 3 Adjustments /mo.                                              $100/mo.

(Although we are not in network with insurance companies, we will gladly discuss your  options in filing with your insurance company.)

Spinal Traction Therapy ($1/min.)

  • Unlimited Sessions                                                    $75/mo.

  • Unlimited Sessions                                                    $75/mo.

   Swedish                                                                    $60/hr.

                                                                                       $75/90 mins.

  Deep Tissue/Sports                                              $70/hr.

                                                                                       $90/90 mins.


  Chair                                                                           $40/hr.


  Prenatal                                                                      $60/hr.


 Womb/Fertility                                                         $40/30min.

 Reiki                                                                              TBD

 Geriatric                                                                      $50/hr.


Foot                                                                                $40/30min.

Custom Full Body                                                      TBD

(Determined by type of massage. Call/schedule consultation for pricing.)

Abdominal                                                                   $30/30min.

Sports Massage                                                           $75/hr.



Package of 4                                                                $155

Package of 8                                                                $315

Package of 12                                                              $440

Package of 3                                                                $200


Package of 6                                                                $390


Package of 12                                                               $775


(This service comes w/ a Dietary Consultation, an Ionic Foot Detox, a pack of pH Testing Strips, and Organic Vegetable Alkaline Drops.)

Package of 4                                                                 $155

Package of 8                                                                 $315

Package of 12                                                               $440

This service comes with Vibration Therapy and Infrared Sauna.

Package of 4                                                                $240

Package of 8                                                                $475

Package of 12                                                              $700

Aromatherapy (TBD)

Can be added to ANY service.

Package of 4                                                              $75

Package of 8                                                              $150

Package of 12                                                            $200

  Package of 4                                                               $75

  Package of 8                                                              $150

  Package of 12                                                             $200

Womb Wellness Program (TBD)

Call/schedule consultation for pricing.

Mobile Services

Call for more information.

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For more information about our Membership Clubs, please click here .
For more information about our Membership Clubs, please click here .
For more information about our Membership Clubs, please click here .