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Colon Hydrotherapy Certification

Train to Become an I-ACT Certified Colon Therapist

To Our Prospective Student,
Welcome to the rewarding profession of Colon Hydrotherapy!
You are one step closer to becoming a Certified Therapist through the International Association of Colon
Hydrotherapy (I-ACT). We are so excited about your journey to assist a healthy, growing community and
looking forward to the explosive impact you will have in today's alternative health industry. Back To
Essentials welcomes you!

This 265-hour class will prepare you for your Colon Hydrotherapy Certification. Classes are held Monday
through Sunday from 9:00 am - until. Full attendance and participation are mandatory. The last day of
class is reserved for presentations. Students will be scheduled to take the I-ACT test at a testing center.
I-ACT requires 200 hours online and 65 hours to be taken in person at the Back to Essentials Holistic
Wellness Institute. If you have a scheduling conflict, please do not exclude yourself from this training.
Please call the instructor directly. We are always willing to work around your busy schedule.
The Cost of the Program is $4500.00 which includes I-ACT Membership, Practicum, a Nutrition and Business Marketing Certificate, and Testing Fees. Proof of High School diploma must be presented before the online portion begins. CPR is required and must be completed before finishing Practicum.

You will need to get plenty of rest throughout the week. Start each day by eating a healthy breakfast. Bring
your own meals. Stay hydrated. We break for lunch around 12-ish (helping our guests is delightfully,
busy work). This course is very intense - so be ready! Scrubs are required to maintain professionalism.
Please note that Back to Essentials does not hold spaces for later payment. Enrollment is on a first-
come, first-served basis. Please keep in mind, seats are limited per class. Register early.
You will be completing your training on the LIBBE colon hydrotherapy table (FDA APPROVED SYSTEMS).
After completion and successfully passing your exam, you will be certified through the International
Association of Colon Therapists (I-ACT).

If you have any questions or would like to request an application, please contact us at 803-736-8633.
Congratulations on your new career!

*Back To Essentials’ Colon Hydrotherapy Course Material    
* Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology with detailed information on the Digestive System
*Indications and Contraindications for Colon Hydrotherapy
* Professionalism, Business Practices, and Legalities
* Alternative Therapies
* Colon Hydrotherapy Protocol

* Sanitation Procedure
* Client Communication
* Information on Installation and Maintenance of Colon Devices
* Actual Hands-on experience / 25+ documented client sessions
* Paperwork, which includes Personal History Forms, Insurance Information, Client Handouts, etc.
* Training on colonic / high enema systems
* Individualized 15-minute presentations
* Information on both the open and closed systems
* Intensive Training

​Tuition is $4,500.00
Course Materials will be picked up on the first day of class.

Refund Policy:
Tuition is refundable less $500 ($500 of the total tuition is non-refundable) up to 48 hours after
registration and before the online portion has begun. A written cancellation requesting a refund must be
submitted to process refund. NO refunds will be issued after 48 hours. The tuition MUST be paid in full
before the start of the course. Once class starts, no refunds will be issued.

Cancellation Policy:
At Back to Essentials, it is our intent to avoid cancellation or rescheduling of any scheduled classes.
Unfortunately, circumstances could arise that may require us to cancel or reschedule a class. In this
event, Cancellation Notices will be sent to enrolled students by email or to the address provided at the
time of enrollment. Tuition for cancellations resulting from weather or other factors outside of Back to
Essentials’ control will be credited toward a future course only.


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