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Stella B.

“I initially came to see Dr. Wages due to decreased Libido and vaginal dryness.
I am 62 years old so I guess you can say I am post-menopausal. However, I still enjoy having sex.

To add to this, I am irritable more than I am not.

I do NOT like taking prescription medications and have tried some herbs myself.
I had a hysterectomy at a very young age, but I never thought that had anything to do with it.

Dr. Wages introduced the Vaginal Steam to me.

She told me that they use a general blend that covers many ailments,
but I may be interested in a custom blend to focus on my Menopausal symptoms.
After several sessions of the V-Steam with the custom Menopause blend,
Drinking the Sweet Yoni Tea daily, and using my Yoni Egg
I can honestly say that my vagina feels rejuvenated!

I no longer have vaginal dryness, irritability has drastically decreased, and as for my Libido…

Let’s just say my husband can testify that he is pleased with the results!
Dr. Claire, my husband and I sincerely thank you for helping me get my groove back!

K. Cooper

“A car accident is what initially brought me to Dr. Wages’ office at Back To Essentials.

I was rear-ended and only considered it to be just a fender bender.

I felt fine immediately following the accident, but the next day I realized that I underestimated my injuries.
My shoulder and back was injured to the point of not being able to sit for more than 5 to 10 minutes without being in pain.

I called Dr. Wages to schedule an appointment and she was able to see me immediately, the same day in fact!

I was very impressed with her knowledge of the body and how it functioned mechanically.
After a comprehensive assessment, she diagnosed me and thoroughly explained my condition.

No question went unanswered, for she loves questions.

I received treatment and an adjustment and I immediately began to feel results.
Also, I've suffered from sinus problems for as long as I can remember.
I broke my nose in a high school basketball game many moons ago.

I thought it was normal for me to have one clogged nasal passage because I’ve never been able to breathe out of

both nostrils, at the same time, at 100%.

After receiving my first adjustment, it was like a flushing feeling of my nasal passage!

I could 100% breath through my nose. I could not believe it!
I have recommended her services to all of my friends and family!

She is a very dedicated doctor and truly cares for her patient’s physical and emotional well-being!”

LaTasha K.

“I was in a motor vehicle accident where I was hit from behind by a large SUV.
Shortly after the accident, I began having pain in my upper back area and shoulders.

My PCP (Primary Care Physician) recommended that I go through physical therapy, which I did for 2 months.

I went to Physical Therapy 3x a week for 5 months.

The physical therapy helped me get back to my normal day to day activities,
but when I started back working out and dancing I still experienced pain.

I also had a constant tingling sensation in my back as if my muscles were pulling against each other or tearing. 
At my follow up visit, my doctor suggested that I continue physical therapy for 6 more months, twice a week.

I am under the age of 30 and have never had any physical ailments.
Hearing this was very discouraging because I knew that I needed more than that. 
I had never been to a chiropractor before and was a little apprehensive at first.
I was determined to get back to dancing so I decided to come to Back to Essentials, LLC.
I have to first point out that I never waited more than 5 minutes in the lobby for an appointment.

I was underneath Dr. Wages’ care for ONLY 2 months.

Over the course of that time I began to feel a huge difference in how my back felt after intense physical activity.
I am now able to participate in intense physical activity without the fear of pain following shortly after.

Dr. Wages was very personable and didn't treat me like just another patient.

She was genuinely concerned about me recovering fully. 

I would recommend her to anyone.”

Sylvia Mickle

“I got very upset when I broke out in an unsightly rash on my neck when I started my DETOX.

Thanks for helping me to get my happy back!

When I first started my total detoxification program at your clinic,
I got very upset when I broke out in an unsightly rash on my neck.
I consulted several doctors along with a dermatologist.

They couldn’t give me any answers.
I also had a biopsy done with negative results.

You, of course told me on several occasions that it was the toxins in my body trying to come out.

I could have saved some money and time if I would have listened to you.
I continued my detoxification program, and the rash is gone!

Now I’m 24 lbs. lighter and feel great!

It’s been two years since the rash went away, but I still look forward to visits at Back To Essentials.

I learn something new each time.
I thank you for your wisdom and knowledge.

Your expertise keeps me on the straight and narrow when it comes to my health.

Star Overton Miller

“I suffered tremendously with Constipation before I came to see you.
I want to thank you for taking the time to teach me about Colonics and Wellness as a whole.

What I have come to realize is that you live and breath wellness, which give me a sense of comfort as a new client.

I must say when visiting your clinic, I was a little nervous.
You eased my nerves by showing me around the office and
showing me what Back to Essentials has to offer.
The staff was courteous and professional and the office was impressive.
Before coming to you, I had no idea that my bowel habits were abnormal.
I have suffered with Constipation all my life so I thought going once a week was normal.

You educated me on the body’s elimination process.
You explained to me the foods that were the culprits of constipation.

When we eventually got around to the Colonics portion of my visit, your instructions were clear and precise.

I loved that it was a closed private atmosphere,

but yet if any help was needed you were right there at the push of a button.
I thank you for that Dr. Wages and once again I felt quite comfortable.
Since my visit to your office, I am eliminating everyday.
I absolutely love the TotalTea that you introduced to me. It is delicious.

I will certainly be back!

And I will tell ALL my friends and family about your mission to educate and help your patients.”

Ms. Santiago, Baptist Hospital

“I only go to the bathroom one time a week.

My dearest Dr. Claire!

Thanks so much for your help and your professional opinion.
I followed your suggestions and I feel better than I've felt in 20 years.

I just completed my 4th session of Colon Hydrotherapy and I have lost a total of 13 pounds.

My first session was at the end of November.

I am amazed!

My energy level is up so high now that I can work out for a complete hour, pretty much non-stop.
Before coming to you, I couldnt even walk the treadmill for 15 mins without wanting to sit down.
My bowel movements have increased to once a day versus the once a week I had been experiencing prior to starting therapy.

Even waking up in the morning is a pleasure because I feel full of energy and well rested.

I am looking forward to trying the other therapies on my next visit.
I still have 4 sessions to go and I am thrilled to see what the final results will be.
If I feel any better I am going to change my name to Wonder Woman!

Thanks again.”

Ms. Cynthia, Richland Memorial Hospital

“I had been struggling to lose weight for the last 3 years.

I'd been going to the gym 3 days a week for the last year and I'd only lost 5 pounds.

I came into your office in November to discuss my situation with you and see if we could resolve my problem.

You suggested having my pH balance checked and doing a series of colonics.

We discovered that my pH was highly acidic and

you determined this is my reason for not losing much more weight than I had.

After only 2 sessions of colonics, I have lost 8 pounds.

It is amazing that we carry that much feces around everyday, all our life.

My family has a history of colon cancer and knew it was time to start taking my digestive system more seriously.

I thank God for you everyday and look forward to my next 6 sessions.

Sincerely Thankful.”

Ms. Williams

“My energy level was so low.

I feel great! More than anything, I have so much more energy.

I'm riding my bike now and pushing on an hour, where before I had to stop in between just to get to 20 minutes!
I'm sweating more, so certain areas of my body have been opened to allow proper functioning.

I usually swell when I exercise. No swelling today!

Yesterday I had the curry/coconut soup and 2 pieces of tilapia with brown rice for dinner.

I also had a bowl of high fiber cereal as a snack.
Girlfriend, I feel good and really motivated!

Between God, you and my new Boo, I'm well on my way to optimal health :).”

Tracie S. Woodard

“I had been having pain in my neck and across the top of my shoulders for the last 2 months.
I believed this pain was causing me to have headaches constantly.
I came in to see Dr. Wages at Back To Essentials, LLC and told her what I have been experiencing.
She examined me and gave me an adjustment.
When I sat up on the table, I realized my headache was gone instantly.
I could freely move my neck and shoulders.
Thank you Dr. Wages!”


“I had been suffering with high blood pressure and obesity for several years prior to becoming a patient at Back To Essentials, LLC.

I cannot believe how my life has changed since I walked through their doors.

I started my journey to lose weight and get off of blood pressure medication in December 2015.

I found Dr. Wages and I am forever grateful that I did.

I told her that I was serious about losing weight because I felt this was contributing to my high blood pressure.

I was also told that I was pre-Diabetic by my PCP.

She put me on a treatment plan and I stuck to it because I was determined.
I have been a loyal client! It is 8 months later and I have lost over 30 lbs.

I have gotten so many compliments from strangers, family, and friends about my weight loss.

I also get many compliments about how my skin glows now.
I am happy to say today, I am down 30+ pounds,

I no longer suffer with high blood pressure, and I am no longer borderline Diabetic.

I recommend Back To Essentials, LLC to everyone I come in contact with and mostly those who feel that medication is the only way out.

Thank you Dr. Wages!”

Jennifer C.

“I am a patient at Back to Essentials and I would like to thank God for guiding me there.”

This place has changed my life and I feel great!
I found Back To Essentials through a Google search.
Their Complete Health and Wellness Center popped up.
I went to the website, called and got an appointment.
I have been getting colonics done weekly now going on 2 months.

Since I started, I have lost a total of 10 lbs. This is the place to get you back on track!

If you go and do what these ladies advise, you will be pleased with your results. Thanks Back To Essentials for changing my life!!! This is my testimony and I thank you!

Thomas B.

“I experienced an injury to my back in high school and the pain has been with me ever since.

Dear Dr. Claire, thank you for relieving my back pain!
I experienced a weight-lifting injury to my back in high school.
The pain has been with me off and on ever since.

I've learned to cope with it over the years by sticking to a workout regime which includes back exercises.

About a month ago, I started experiencing pain at night while sleeping.
The pain would go away once I got up to start my day.

A family member told me about you so I decided to schedule an appointment to discuss my situation.

I had NEVER been to a Chiropractor, so I was a little skeptical at first.
After I got my first adjustment on my initial visit, I felt great for the rest of the day.
I thought to myself the true test would be that night when I went to bed.

Well, I was very pleasantly surprised to not only sleep thru that night pain free but subsequent nights as well.
You advised me on some sleeping techniques and other posture tips that have given me great relief!

I am very grateful and thankful for all that you have done.
I look forward to the weekly adjustments to keep me correctly aligned.

Thanks again”.

LaSandra Texiera

“You helped me realize that the foods I was consuming was making me ACIDIC.

I had been researching colonics for several years and finally decided that I would put my fears to rest and get one.
I choose Back To Essentials because I have heard nothing but great things and great success stories.

Dr. Wages was very professional and patient.

She suggested that I have a pH screening done to measure my Acidity/Alkalinity.
And sure enough, I was highly Acidic. I really didn’t know what this meant.
Dr. Wages explained to me that being Acidic lowers the Immune System.
Being Acidic also causes Acne and Constipation. These were 2 of my major concerns.
Since my colonics I've noticed that have reduced belly fat, my skin has cleared, bowels are more regular.

I am now committed to taking better care of me and my digestive health.
I eat more fruits and vegetables and drink plenty Water.
I also have found a new passion, “juicing”.

Once I began investing in my health, I only want to put good in so I can get good out!

I highly recommend Colonic Therapy and Dr. Wages to jump start weight loss and as part of a healthy colon.”

Shanna Yandle

“I miss my glowing complexion and Arthritis is taking over in my hands.
I must say since my first visit back in August 2012 your practice has changed my world.
A combination of the services you provide have been extremely beneficial to my well being.

I have lost 17 pounds, gained back a glowing complexion and
have relief from the Arthritis in my fingers, that had begun to take over.
Not to mention just the amazing feeling that I have when I leave your office.
Very professional and so kind in making you feel personable in your needs.
The staff is FABULOUS and always greets me with a smile.

Love, Love this place and would recommend it to any and everyone to give it a try.

Be aware, you will be hooked.”

Lesly Wilson, PhD, OTR/L

"Indigestion and regular bowel movements were my major concern.

When considering receiving hydrotherapy procedure,

I found the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT) website.

I-ACT establishes the training standards and guidelines;

is committed to work with the FDA, International organizations, states and municipalities to enhance the safety of colon hydrotherapy; and is the certifying body for colon hydrotherapists around the world.

Further review of the website lead me to Back to Essentials, LLC, and Dr. Wages listed under the referral section.

This was my first experience with colon hydrotherapy.
I found Dr. Wages to be extremely professional and knowledgeable
as we discussed lifestyle behaviors and nutritional habits.

Prior to the procedure, indigestion and regular bowel movements were my major concerns.
Since the colon hydrotherapy procedure, the indigestion after meals or certain foods does not occur.

I now experience regular bowel movements.

Overall, colon hydrotherapy has made me more conscious of my digestive health and

provided me with more energy.

It has encouraged me to develop some better lifestyle and nutritional habits.

It is a procedure that provided results for me.

This is a procedure I will continue regularly to enhance my digestive health.”

Mike Smoak

“I was suffering with skin problems when I came to see you.
I would like to thank you for the help you have given me recently.
When I came to you with my skin problem, I had been to Dr. after Dr.

I had been give creams and pills which were helpful temporarily. The itching and bumps ALWAYS returned.

The quality of my life was affected.

I would wake up during the night with the break out of bumps and the unrelenting itching.

I would take showers in the middle of the night just to get some relief.
I came to you for treatment and we determined there was a fungus in my colon.
You introduced me to colon hydrotherapy and we decided to do a series of colonics.

I was skeptical at first, because I had never tried such a procedure,
nor did I have any idea what was in store for me that day.

It was life changing! After only 4 sessions the break outs were less frequent and the itching was gone.

I slept through the night for the first time in many months.

I was able to cut back on taking the medication that I have taken every day for over a year.

I wish I had come to you sooner!

I think what I learned from you and experienced with your treatments has changed my life totally.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my problem and
work out a treatment plan that worked for me completely.
I know that I must continue to follow the course you have laid out for me.
If things start to flare up I know you will be there to get me back on track.

Many thanks.”

Mrs. Griffin

“I was overweight and still not at my ideal weight.
I didn't like what I was seeing in the mirror.

To add to that, I'd just gotten slightly high sugar readings from my doctor when I decided to come see you.

When I met you, you listened to all of my health problems and health goals.
We discussed all the many benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy.
I was blown away at the science you shared with me.
I was also very excited about how this procedure could help me.
A week later I was in your office making my appointments for my series of eight.

After the first session, I felt better both physically and mentally because I finally decided to put my health FIRST. After the second session, I loss a total of 7 (seven pounds) and about 3(three) inches in my waist.

Soon I will have to go shopping for new clothes.
I do not crave sweets and soft drinks like I used to.
My energy level is higher and now I try to eat more healthy.

Thank you Dr. Claire!!!”

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