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Massage Add-ons

Hot Towels – Moist hot towels will produce general relaxation, which helps to reduce muscle spasms and pain. $15.00


Aromatherapy – Inhalation of essential oil molecules (or absorption through the skin)

promotes beneficial changes in your mind and body by affecting the limbic system, a region in the brain known to influence the nervous system. $20.00


Hot Rocks/Stones – Smooth, flat, heated stones are used to help you relax, ease tense

muscles, and repair damaged soft tissues throughout the body. $20.00


Reflexology – Also known as zone therapy, this alternative medicine involves application of pressure to specific areas on the feet and/or hands with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques. This can be performed on the ears or feet. $20.00


Hand/Foot Scrub – Salt/Sugar concoction applied to the feet to exfoliate and soften the feet.

Back Scrub – Salt/Sugar concoction applied to the back to exfoliate and soften and reduce back acne. $25.00


Cryotherapy – Cold compress during massage relieves pain, heals muscles, and reduces inflammation. $15.00


Thermotherapy – Heated compress increases blood flow to an area, decreases joint stiffness, reduces pain, reduces inflammation, and relieves muscle spasms.

Vibration Therapy -- Using an oscillating, handheld massager provides deep penetration which relaxes muscle spasms and relieves tension. Blood supply and nutrition to muscles increases while improving circulation. $15.00


Paraffin Therapy – Paraffin Wax during a massage is used on the hands and/or feet to sooth aching joints, improve circulation, and soften rough skin. This can be performed on the hands

or feet. $25.00


Stretching – Massage technique that consists of pulling a body region or extremity away from its most anatomically neutral position (aka Traction Therapy). $20.00


Cupping Therapy – The creation of local suction on the skin with the application of heated cups. $25.00


Alternate Massage Medium – A massage medium is the lubricant a therapist uses during amassage. $20.00

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