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Ionic Foot Detox

Each foot has an estimated 2,000 pores located on the bottom. That is almost (8x) eight times more than the amount found in any other area of the body. This fact makes the feet the best and easiest place to extract toxins from. At this location, toxins can easily seep into the body. Therefore, this is also the location to easily draw them from the body. With an ionic foot detox bath, unwanted toxins that are in the entire body, including internal organs can be drawn out.

The ionic detox foot bath allows for relaxation as the feet are placed in a sterile, warm basin of water. A small amount of Sea Salt is added to the water to interact with the electrical current. The ionic detox machine should send a small electrical charge to your warm tub of salt water while feet are soaking. It’s the electrical current interacting with the salt that pulls toxins out through the bottom of the feet like a magnet. As the body releases toxins into the warm water, different colors are observed diffusing into the water. These different colors indicate “where” toxins are being pulled from and “what” toxins are being drawn out. Some toxins that can be drawn out are heavy metals, tobacco, yeast, parasites, worms, inflammation, and cellular debris.

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