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Personal Injury Chiropractic

Back to Essentials is a personal injury chiropractic office that offers physical therapy, rehabilitation, and exceptional treatment to victims of motor vehicle accidents, slip-n-falls, on the job accidents, and more. Our level of service remains the same regardless of the severity of the injury. Our priority is the restoration of health to pre-accident health, if not improving it.

We serve patients throughout the state of South Carolina and surrounding states. We also value creating relationships with law firms throughout the nation that can provide exceptional legal services for our injured patients to ensure just compensation for inconvenience, pain and suffering, and valuable time lost while striving to return to 100% health.

We know that every patient deserves immediate medical attention following an accident. We

understand that being injured is an inconvenience. Therefore, we are focused on devoting the necessary time to each and every patient to assure that their full potential is restored in a timely fashion.

Our care begins immediately upon contact. In many cases when a patient is injured, we welcome them into the office that day to immediately begin treatment. We know that every case is different, but what stays the same is their Anatomy and Physiology.

We encourage starting treatment even if the patient is not currently in pain.


Because the body is an amazing organism and its first response is to “protect and heal”. Because of the body’s innate response to injury, patients may not feel pain or experience dysfunction for days, sometimes even weeks after an accident.

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