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Alkaline Therapy

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Why Is Alkalinity Important To My Body?

It is much easier to eat conveniently versus healthy because our lifestyles are so rushed and hectic. However, when we make that choice we are consuming foods and drinks that are highly acidic. These foods decrease our body’s pH. The pH scale is from 1 to 14. Anything below 7 (1 to 6) is acidic. Anything above 7 (8 to 14) is alkaline.

You want to be slightly alkaline. Contrary to popular belief, the body’s pH should NOT be at a balanced 7 (neutral, neither acidic nor alkaline). It should be at least 8.9. This is a healthy pH that will deter cancer, disease, virus, and bacteria from residing in the body. When your body is in an acidic state it causes a weakened immune system, decreased energy, and a vulnerability to illness and disease. Learning how to decrease your body’s acidity and increase its alkalinity promotes health and may cause disease symptoms to subside. Having a higher pH (being more alkaline) can decrease aches and pains, improve digestion, eliminate headaches, decrease the use of medications, and even lose weight. Anything negative that can happen in the body will happen when the body is acidic. Two sure ways to decrease the body’s acidity is to drink alkaline beverages, preferably water and eat alkaline foods. 85% of the American diet contains acidic foods and drinks. Processed foods (fast-food and microwaved foods) and refined foods (white stuff: rice, sugar, flour, bread, pasta) are the most consumed and are highly acidic. We are constantly acidifying our bodies so we need to constantly consume alkaline products. The correct acid-alkaline ratio in the body is the key to optimum health. Without it, the body cannot function to its utmost ability or heal itself.

What Does Alkaline Therapy Entail?

Upon the patient's request, he/she will have a consultation with the Detoxification Therapist to discuss their current diet, lifestyle habits, and dietary goals. The patient will be educated on acidity vs. alkalinity and how it relates to their current food choices. The patient's pH is measured using pH litmus strips before an Ionic Foot Detoxification. The Ionic Foot Detoxification has the ability to remove acids from the body, amongst other toxins. The patient's pH is measured again afterwards. The therapist will share literature on healthy food choices and provide Organic Alkaline Drops. It is recommended that the patient have 1 Foot Detox weekly for 1 month to achieve the ideal acid-alkaline balance or as needed.

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